What to expect

with brief solution focused hypnotherapy

What to expect with solution focused hypnotherapy 

It is psychotherapy and hypnosis combined.

In the first meeting I find out what it is you would like to achieve and how hypnotherapy can help. I will explain how our brains work in relation to our conditions, how we can suffer in the way we do and thankfully, what we can do about it. I will give you a relaxation track to listen to as you drift off to sleep each night before the next meeting. We discuss how many sessions it is likely to take and come up with a plan. After this each session will use a combination of psychotherapy techniques and hypnosis.

The psychotherapy techniques do not involve talking about problems or the past, research shows very clearly that this does not help us move forwards. Instead we only work positively towards your preferred outcome. We will look at what has been good about your week and talk about an imagined future where you do not have whatever problem it is that is bothering you. I will help you visualise what life will be like in your achievable preferred future. Then I will gently guide you through relaxation and into hypnosis and in this state your brain has the ability to make the changes necessary to achieve these goals.

Hypnosis is something very normal. Day dreaming is similar to hypnosis and is essential to our mental health. Have you driven a familiar route and have no memory of it? Have you ever been so focussed on something you have been unaware of time passing? Have you not been thinking of anything in particular and then had a Eureka! moment? If so, then you have been in a state not dissimilar to hypnosis.When we are in this state we have access to both the sub conscious and the conscious and it enables us to make the changes we want quickly and at a fundamental level.

Clinical hypnosis is very simply a state of focussed attention and when in this state our minds are more responsive to suggestion. In the therapy room suggestions are designed to be beneficial to help you change old unhelpful thought patterns.


I will not hypnotise you against your will I will not make you do anything you do not want to do.

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