Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Brief therapy

Solution focused therapy

I practice solution focused hypnotherapy which means we do not analyse our problems, we accept them and then focus on how you want things to be. Understanding and accepting how our brains are working, often against our best wishes, is an imprtant part of sessions, and the hypnosis helps to make changes on a subconscious level to allow you to achieve your own goals. It is a safe and powerful psychotherapeutic tool and it is also an extremely relaxing and pleasant experience.

Sessions use positive psychology and we look at what life could be like. Hypnosis is not anything to be wary of, I explain how the brain is working, how hypnosis works, what to expect and how it helps us  to make lasting fundamental change.

Pain and many other conditions are made significantly worse by stress and worry. I can help you reduce any underlying discomfort and achieve a clearer outlook on life.

Working together

It’s important to note that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process: it is not something I do to you. What does happen is that we tap into your own resources, often hidden by patterns developed over the years, to bring out the best for you. If you are ready for change, then I am here and happy to help you make that change.

If your condition is not mentioned here, but you are interested, please feel free to call me for a chat to see if I can help. Hypnotherapy works!


Initial consultation up to 90 minutes: £70

One hour sessions: £70

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