Childbirth and Fertility

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help Childbirth and Fertility

Are you looking forward to the birth of your little one? It is a wonderful and exciting time. Most women are progressing happily through their trimesters and then find that antenatal courses focus on the pain, the duration and all the various possible interventions. Epidurals are discussed as a matter of course and if we say we want a natural birth often knowing eyebrows are raised. 

How did this happen? Surely our bodies are designed to be able to birth successfully without so much intervention? The answer to this is yes they are. It has long been known that the majority of births, over 90% probably do not need medical intervention, but our expectations and our fear have stopped us fully believing and realising that we are perfectly designed to birth calmly and confidently.

If you choose to follow the hypnobirthing route you will not regret it! Whether you birth in a hospital, a birthing centre or at home it is so empowering to start the journey into parenthood with a calm approach, confident and in control of the situation.

With a course of sessions concetrating on hypnobirthing we will look at the history of midwifery, and how we have ended up in the our current situation of over medicalised births. We will look at what happens to our bodies in each stage of the birthing process and understand what is happening and why.

Then we will focus on the outcome you want, a comfortable, calm birth with you in control. We will do this by practising deep relaxation, visualisation and hypnosis. In between sessions and right up to the birth you will listen to a CD at night which will train you to hypnotise yourself, so at the time, you automatically shut out the world and become at one with the process. You will learn to trust that your body knows what it is doing and will do it well. 

I used hypnobirthing for my two births and it works.

Fertility issues are steadily rising and we do know that as our anxiety levels rise women can become less fertile. If medical reasons for infertility have been ruled out then hypnotherapy can really boost the chances of conception. We will work on lowering any stress or anxiety levels and by using positive thinking and hypnosis and work towards your desired outcome - pregnancy.

I also used hypnotherapy for fertility issues. Having been told by a consultant that there were no obvious reasons for my lack of conception, I chose to use hypnotherapy. Since then i kept falling preganant! Not only have I got my family, I also got to sort out my stress levels and sleep problems. 

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