Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps Weight

Eating responsibly is not always easy. Often we are too busy or tired to shop and cook healithily and give in to the cheap, readily availble, fattening foods with which we are bombarded. At the same time we are then made to feel bad about our bodies as all around us are images of stick thin models telling us how we should look. It seems that which ever way we turn we are pulled in a different direction and it can be hard to find a balance.

Whether it be eating the wrong foods, or eating too much or perhaps having restrictive eating habits, hypnotherapy can help you change old eating patterns and replace them with new positive ones. What is really helpful is that there is no need to diet or follow an exercise regime. We access the parts of the mind where we can make change happen at a subconscious level and while it may take a few more sessions than anxiety, together we can create good life long healthy eating patterns.

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