Smoking Cessation

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps Smoking Cessation

Smoking? Do you wish you had just never started? 

More and more people are giving up smoking for good. If you really want to give up cigarettes then I can help you. It is just one session, but you need to allow up to two hours. In this time we will talk about the brain and understand the psychological addiction to cigarettes. We will look in some detail at your relationship with cigarettes: why you smoke; what it does for you; when you smoke; what you like about it. Then we will understand why the brain is making it so hard for you to stop and of course we will also look at all the benefits of being free from them for life.

The last part of the session is hypnosis, which is essentially a atate of focused attention and in this state we can help you make a change at a fundamental level to keep you off the cigarettes. I am not interested in you being cigarette free next week or next month, but next year, and the year after and ten years down the line. I am interested in helping you to get to that place where if someone offers you a cigarette then you can say quite confidently: No thanks, I don't smoke.

Whether you are stressed, have had an argument, or just had a few too many drinks, I want to help you be able to say quite naturally: No thanks, I don't smoke.

If this is what you want, then together, we can make it happen.

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