PTSD and Phobias

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps Phobias

Simple phbobias: Flying? Spiders? Heights? Enclosed spaces? Needles? Public speaking?  We learn these irrational fears by association and experience. When anxiety levels rise, so does our fear response. When we are more relaxed then our fears are less too.

Treating phobias is pretty quick. Don't miss out on experiences you want to enjoy because of an irrational fear - contact me to find out more.

PTSD can be veryhard to live with. I am trained in a new methid which will effectivley file away those memories into long term memory so they no longer bother you in the present. 


Complex phobias: Emetophobia, social anxiety. These require different techniques and tools. We work together to reduce the anxiety of life and find a wy fo navigating things more freely.

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