Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps Obsessions

Obsessive compulsive disorder can get to levels where it is hard to live an every day life. Obsessions can be wide ranging and vary hugely in severity. The thing to remember is that it is only a problem, if it is creating a problem. If you are obsessing over things and you want to change this, then hypnotherapy can help.

People are often recommended cognitive behavioural therapy for obsessions, and it can be very effective. Hypnotherapy is very effective too and it has the huge bonus that we do not have to face our obsessions, we do not have to make ourselves understand and then overcome our behaviours which we believe keep us 'safe'. Instead we will understand how we create these obsessions and then decide how life would be if we were free of them and through hypnosis and relaxation work our way towards this goal. As ever it is relaxing and enjoyable. 

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