Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps Sleep

Disturbed sleep and insomnia is associated with all anxiety, depression and stress. Lack of sleep can be debilitating on so many levels, affecting mood, learning, confidence, ability, realtionships and more. Disturbed sleep effects most people at some point in their lives, if it is for a prolonged length of time or becomes the norm then the effects become a serious issue. If you work shifts it can be a particualr problem, enforced sleep disruption has been foisted upon you and can make you feel really helpess. This need not be the case.

All hypnotherapy sessions will promote relaxation, will reduce anxiety and regulate abnormal sleep patterns. I give everybody a free CD to listen to at night, and most people report back that after the first week of listening to it their sleep has already started to improve. Through our sessions we will learn why our brains are keeping us awake and what we can do do stop this. When my clients decide their therapy has finished, sleep has long since stopped being a concern. 

Do not let poor sleep be a problem for you, reap all the benefits of a good night's rest, contact me by phone or email to find out more.

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