Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps Phobias

Flying? Spiders? Heights? Enclosed spaces? Needles? Public speaking?  We learn these irrational fears by association and experience. When anxiety levels rise, so does our fear response. When we are more relaxed then our fears are less too.

I treat a phobia in 3 sessions. The first meeting is an explanation of a phobia and how we create them. The next session is a relaxation and trance session. In the second I will ask you to have an imaginary film ready to play of a phobic situation, you will then play this film many times over to yourself whilst in deep relaxation. This completely changes our response to the stimulus. The final session will be realaxation and trance and we will create a positive image of how you want the phobic situation to play out in the future. Then that is it and you are liberated from your phobia.


Don't miss out on experiences you want to enjoy because of an irrational fear - contact me to find out more.

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